Special Education

Special Education

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The mission of Derby Public Schools’ Special Education Department is to provide students in receipt of special education and related services, access to high-quality specialized instruction which provides access to Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) in each child’s Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). Our programs and supports ensure that all identified students, ages three through twenty-one, have equal access to developmentally appropriate, individually designed, and comprehensive programming which encourage and promote:

• Early-Intervention

• Social / Emotional Growth

• Academic Success

• Independence & Responsibility

• Self-Advocacy

• Post-Secondary Planning and Transition

Upon receipt of Referral to Determine Eligibility for Special Education and Related Services, the special education team will convene a PPT to review the referral make a determination regarding whether a comprehensive evaluation is warranted at that time. Special education programs developed following eligibility determination, are designed to provide students access to FAPE in each of the developmental domains; cognition, academics, social/emotional/behavior, communication, vocation, transition, health & development (including vision & hearing), fine & gross motor, and activities of daily living (ADL).

As a whole, as well as individually, the special education team is committing to providing each student in receipt of special education and related services access to an individually-designed, comprehensive, and comprehensive program which allows for continued growth and development to truly access their educational environment.

With questions, concerns, or to have a conversation regarding your child or their needs, please reach out to:

Stacey McCoart – Elementary Special Education Supervisor

Phone: (203) 736-5043 x4539

Email: smccoart@derbyps.org

Brigitta Abakumova – Secondary Special Education Supervisor

Phone: (203) 736-1426 x3440

Email: babakumova@derbyps.org