Dual Credit Programs

Derby High School students will have the opportunity to earn college credits as well as Derby High School credits in a variety of courses. Derby High School has developed a partnership with Southern Connecticut State University, Housatonic Community College and the University of Connecticut. Students may take UCONN ECE (early college experience) courses in Italian and history. For the school year, HCC will offer courses in Advanced Manufacturing and English. Any senior student interested in enrolling in the Southern Connecticut State University on Special Topics in College and Career Readiness course must notify their School Counselor for registration. This course will help high school students explore and access resources to achieve their postsecondary and career goals.

Housatonic Community College Partnership Program

HCC (Housatonic Community College) High School Partnership Program

Students entering their junior or senior year of Derby High School can take one college level course at Housatonic Community College free of charge to earn both college credits and high school credit. Students must meet the required criteria to participate:


Early College Experience (ECE) Courses The following courses are offered at DHS: Italian Comp/Conversation I, Italian Comp/Conversation II, and History (Western Traditions HIST 1300) For detailed information on courses, refer to the corresponding academic department) 

Southern Connecticut State University -SCSU

EDU 198 - Mastery-Base Diploma Assessment in College and Career Readiness 

SCSU Early College - Interested in taking college classes while still in high school? SCSU Early College provides high school students with the opportunity to explore subjects that you can’t typically study in high school. Explore courses in health care, business, education, science, or the arts at your high school or on SCSU college campus and earn up to 30 college credits towards a degree! Our school is a partner of our Early College program, tuition is waived for Early College courses taught at your high school or at SCSU! 

Requirements for SCSU:

Apex Learning (ONLY Recovery Courses must be authorized by School Counselor)