College Application Process

College Application Process

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The college application process is established with the primary goal of preparing the best application package for each student. The School Counseling Department has developed the following procedure to provide for the most efficient and trouble free process. Be sure to visit our Scholarship Page for the latest scholarships available.

Virtual College Fair - October 27, 2021

Financial Aid Help

For Senior Students and their Parents/Guardians

Successfully Navigating FAFSA Completion During COVID

More information can be found here:  College Readiness Flyer.pdf

SAT Deadline and Test Dates: Go to College Board, follow this link: College Board- SAT 

For SAT Practice follow this link: Khan Academy 

For Junior Students and their Parents/Guardians:

Please read and follow each step carefully:

Important Brief on FINANCIAL AID 

Financial Aid consists of three major components; grants (scholarships), low-interest loans (usually with extended time limits for payback), and student employment.

The generic formula for financial aid is:

Many high income families believe that they would not qualify for aid and do not file. This may be a mistake. Regardless of income and other assets, parents may qualify for the Federal PLUS loan. This program enables families to borrow up to the full cost of education (less other aid) at very attractive interest rates.

Here is a direct information contact:

Holly Franquet

The College Place Director, Connecticut

Student Success & Outreach

Located at

Housatonic Community College

O 203-335-0381

C 203-455-7858

SMS 203-309-3887 (students only)

Book an appointment online at:

Questions you need to ask each college:

Some final things to remember:

Important Financial Aid Numbers

Federal Hotline 800-4FEDAID (8 a.m. - 8 p.m.)

Connecticut Hotline 800-407-3147

CSS PROFILE 800-778-6888 (8 a.m. - Midnight - 7 days a week)