Bradley School Paraeducator of the Year

2023 Paraeducator of the Year

Congratulations, Ronald Swierbitowicz

Mr. S, as the students call him, is great at so many aspects of his job. As a classroom teacher, I had the pleasure of working very closely with Ron for a few years. He was the strongest paraeducator that I had ever been partnered with. He commanded respect from students while developing meaningful relationships with them. He truly got to know the children in a friendly, yet firm, manner. When it came to small group instruction, Mr. S shined. For both reading and math, he was an integral part of our daily schedule. The students met with him, as they met with me, for tiered instruction. He would always update me on student progress and behaviors. Like many veteran teachers, Mr. S knew how to explain certain concepts naturally. Now that I am no longer a classroom teacher and work with all grades in the area of math, I see Ron in a new light. Currently, he is assigned to 5th grade. The two fifth-grade teachers make the most out of him, creating schedules so that they can both benefit from having him run small groups daily, especially for mathematics. Mr. S is very strong in numeracy and sees numbers in a unique way. Because of this, he is able to offer so many various strategies for the students to try. Ron is patient, humorous, dependable, and self-motivated. He accurately anticipates situations and is proactive, instead of reactive. As a teacher, it is always appreciated when a colleague is truly helpful. And that is what Ron is - helpful. He helps staff, but most importantly, he helps our students.