Welcome to the Technology Department!

The DPS Technology Team is a small but mighty team supporting over 2500 desktops, laptops, tablets, peripherals, and various other instructional tools. We support 10GBE inter-connectivity between the buildings and serve wireless across the entire district.

As of 2014, the team has also supported a One to One Program giving around 750 students in high school and middle school access to the internet and school resources 24/7. 

And as of 2020 the district went full One to One providing every student the same recourses throughout the district.

The team firmly believes that technology should be no different than the electricity we rely on and the water we drink. It must be accessible and reliable all day every day. In the event of an outage, the team strives to quickly rectify problems with as minimal impact as possible on teaching and learning.

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For technology support please contact us at

or if on the Derby network by clicking on "Submit a Ticket"