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Bradley School Teacher of the Year

The Bradley School Teacher of the Year Selection Committee met and reviewed several nominations for our candidate. After deliberation and voting, we proudly announce a deserving colleague for the 2024 Bradley School Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Stacy Boroski.

Stacy has been with the Derby Public Schools since 2002. She is now in her twenty-first year as a classroom teacher. Stacy was a second-grade teacher for the first twenty years, but this year she embarked on a new journey - Kindergarten!

As a second-grade teacher, Stacy had a reputation as someone who always advocated for her students to get what they needed to be successful. In addition to an elementary education certification, Stacy also has a special education certification, so it was only natural that she would often ask to have some of our neediest students placed in her classroom because she had the patience and understanding to best meet their needs in and out of the classroom.

This year, Dr. Ciccarini asked Stacy to consider switching to Kindergarten. The rationale was that our youngest students come in with such diverse skills and needs that our school needed someone with a reputation for being warm, friendly, positive, and enthusiastic while maintaining high expectations for learning and behavior. Stacy was a natural choice, and she embraced the change in assignment.

She has successfully navigated the challenges of learning a new grade level. She is a very passionate teacher, always looking for new ideas and strategies to help her students succeed.

Congratulations, Stacy Boroski, our 2024 Teacher of the Year!

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Stacy Boroski

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