About Us

About Us

Derby Middle School is a member of the Commissioner's Network.


The Derby Middle School Professional Learning Community (students, faculty, staff, parent and administration) is committed to developing healthy, productive, and contributing members of 21st century society who are prepared to accept and deal with the inevitability of change. At Derby Middle School our mission is to create an educational environment in which every student can learn and advance to high school with the attitudes, understandings and competencies that ensure his/her success as a life long learner, with assessment driving instruction for our improved student learning.

Derby Middle School provides all students with a high quality, challenging education in a safe, supportive environment, in which, to become lifetime learners.

  • Ensuring the implementation of the curriculum with fidelity and uniformity across the district

  • Putting a common assessment system into place to measure student learning

  • Supporting staff to better use assessment data to make instructional decisions and determine the effectiveness of strategies being implemented

  • Completing math curricula

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